How to Wear a Watch2

It may be old school (actually, it is old school) but it is still true: the color of a watch band should match a man's belt and shoe color. Non-traditionalists will scoff at this, dismiss it as thoroughly dated. Not so.

Which is why, when it comes to selecting a watch, this is, or should be, nearly as much an issue as simply brand and model. If you follow the rule above and buy a black-banded watch, then you'll need to pair it with a black belt and shoes. Similarly, of course, a brown-banded watch needs a brown belt and shoes. The shades do not have to be identical-in fact, they probably should not be. But close, no doubt.

Now there's another dimension to this color pairing that is also important, although many would simply shake their heads and say, "enough already."

It's this: if your black-banded watch has a silver clasp and you wear cuff links, the links should be silver; the same is true with a watch having a gold clasp. Gold clasp, gold cufflinks.

Now, an easy way to deal with this fashion dilemma-if in fact it is an issue for you-is to buy a watch with a metal band, combination silver and gold. Then life becomes infinitely Canada Goose Toronto simple, at least regarding jewelry and fashion. You can wear any color belt, cufflinks, or shoes with a silver and gold band watch.

Note, though: if you are truly going out to a dressy affair, say black tie, then it's imperative that you wear a watch with a leather band, which will always be dressier-more elegant-than a metal band.

Ladies have more latitude than men, but by and large the same rules apply.

Ok, what about shoes other than black or brown? White, for example. Well-and there may be arguments here-but once the black/brown choice is out and, say, white or another shade is in, cheap uggs canada then, finally, the rules most likely are off. If you are wearing white shoes in the summer then it probably makes little difference what watch band you Chanel pair them with. Let yourself go.

One final comment on watch band. If you choose a material other than leather, say rubber or canvas, then generally you should not wear it in any kind of setting that would be deemed to be formal. Now there are exceptions: a rubber-banded Panerai will work in any setting, a Casio G-Shock, probably not.

Probably the best rule when it comes to purchasing a watch is to buy the most expensive watch you can afford, the most expensive that you can afford and that, simply, Michael Kors Outlet you love most among all the others.

Do that and no matter your attire you'll be satisfied, if not always perfectly fashionable.
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