Evaluation work at GBTU exam centres in despair

It seems that the evaluation process in various examination centres of Gautam Buddh Technical University (GBTU) is in problem. Reason: Teachers concerned in evaluation of answer sheets criticize that they have not been reassured yet from their individual colleges. 

 The assessment process of odd semester examinations on track from January 5 <a href="http://supremeclothingsale.com/">supreme hats</a> and will continue till January 15. The university after getting complaints from teachers, has instructed the colleges to relieve the faculty members so that timely and fair evaluation can be done. 

 Discussion to TOI, GBTU additional controller of examination (COE), Vikram Singh said: "There were complaints that many colleges are not relieving their teachers to evaluate answer books. We have already educated the colleges to help us in completing evaluation work within the stipulated time.' 

 He, however, denied any possibility of delay in results. Additional COE further has informed that nearly 4,000 teachers from different colleges of the state are involved in the evaluation process, and since the data of the number of teachers who have been singled out for the evaluation process is <a href="http://supremeclothingsale.com/">supreme hats</a> online, it keeps in maintaining transparency. "We first select teachers from different college's subject wise. Accordingly, we prepare the duty list and allot the centres to them. Moreover, evaluation is part of a teachers' job,' said Singh. 

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 Besides, instructors too feel that review function is a remunerative exercise. `` It's winter vacations going in the universities. There is no opportunity for instructors to experience. Evaluation function help us in making additional cash in time,' said a trainer. However, instructors lament that their universities at plenty of duration of review create problems in not taking up the review function. A trainer remembered that last year, it was the individual's reach that late the evaluation and therefore, the results by nearly 15 <a href="http://supremeclothingsale.com/">supreme clothing online</a> days. "The universities need to understand the significance of appropriate and reasonable review so that learners do not experience,' she said. 


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