Best Way To Gain Muscle - The Two Things That You Need To Get Right

Why let it drag twice or three times as long to gain muscle if there's a way for you to achieve it in half the time? Wouldn't it be nice to be in the situation where you are already happy with the amount of muscle you have gained and all you will be bothering about and doing is to maintain what you got?

 Now, gaining muscle fast is all about efficiency. It's about being able to do a workout that will give you the maximum gains. So, the more efficient you are the less effort that you need to put in to get those maximum gains. I am saying this as a comparison to when you are not doing your workouts properly and your exercises are only giving you half the gains or probably even less. In effect, you are wasting so much of your valuable time if you are not being efficient and not doing your workouts properly.

 Having said that, if you want to gain muscle really fast, there's really only two things that you need to get right.

 The first one is your diet. You have to have a good diet and you cannot neglect that.

 So, what does a muscle building diet look like? Well, you need to have a lot of protein. Experts estimate that most people of average weight needs less than 70 grams of protein daily. Athletes and muscle builders on the other hand requires up to twice that amount to support muscle repair, facilitate muscle growth, and enable their body to cope with the demands of training and competition.

 If you're wondering where and how you are going to get that much protein, well, there are quite a number of good, readily-available natural protein sources. There's chicken breast which contains about 35 grams of protein in every 4 ounces. There's canned tuna which contains 40 grams per can. There's beef which comes with 36 grams of protein <a href="">Canada Goose</a> for every 4 ounces. And there's egg whites which are widely considered as one of the purest forms of protein in the world. And if, for some reason, you are not able to have the required amount of protein from eating these foods alone, there's always protein shakes to help you out.

 Another thing that you need to have high levels of in your diet are EFAs or essential fatty acids which you can have from eating oily fish like mackerels.

 So those are the must-have things in your diet--protein and EFAs.

 The second thing that you need to get right in order to gain muscle fast is your workout.

 What you need to do when you workout is you have to workout in such a way that the last rep you do is so difficult that either you cannot possibly do another rep or you could but only just about. This is what's commonly referred to as training to failure. The reason for this is because about 90% of the <a href="">Canada Goose Toronto</a> gains that you'll make are going to come from those last two reps.

 The thing is, muscle growth is a result of your muscles recovering from injury. And when you workout, you are actually damaging your muscles. And training to failure is what will cause the most damage to your muscles. I suppose you already get the connection here.

 But be careful, training to failure doesn't mean that you have to stay in the <a href="">Canada Goose Toronto</a> gym the whole day trying to knock yourself out. That's actually bad. What you want to do is to workout using the heaviest weights that your body can handle and do as many reps and sets with them as you can within a span of 45 minutes. Working out beyond 45 minutes will make your body/muscles catabolic, meaning your body will start to feed on your own muscles for energy. And that's not good.

 So, like I said, early on, getting these two things right is the best way to gain muscle fast. So go fix your diet and train your muscles to failure.

 Good luck!  

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