Debian Meeting/Gathering/Sightseeing while Martin Michlmayr's 2nd visit to Taiwan.

Dear debian taiwan folks,

[As time is short for this announcement, everyone please help to spread
this news.]

Debian Developer Martin Michlmayr is going to visit Taiwan for
Smartbook/Netbook/Mobile Application Conference Taipei 2009[1] which
organized by III. The event is on 27th Oct Tuesday, and Martin would
give a talk on "How to customize Debian for netbooks and other devices".

He would be arrived on Saturday afternoon. The conference organizer
Regis  would help topick him up from the airport and would also arrange
a meeting for the conference speakers on Monday evening. Not sure if
another schedules that has been arranged for Martin.

As a discussion with Martin, he thinks it would be best to meet local
debian people and do sightseeing on Sunday.

So let's meet up together to give Martin a warm greeting and show him
around Taipei on Sunday, shall we? I hope most of you would have time
with us on Sunday. :)

For where to go, we had gained many good ideas for sightseeing from the
offsite fun events while ICOS2009 - mini-DebConf in Taiwan[2]. I guess
we may do some of them depends on weather and time, and we still open
for everyone to recommend something good and special for Martin.

Any volunteer, any good idea?

If you cannot join us for sightseeing in the afternoon, we still welcome
you to join us for meeting[3] during dinner time on Sunday. Place and
time would update later on the wiki page, any suggestions are welcome.


To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to
with a subject of "unsubscribe". Trouble? Contact


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US Presidents Cup captain

US Presidents Cup captain Couples picks Jay Haas; asks Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus to help

Jack Nicklaus had a chance to be more than a ceremonial host at the 2013 Presidents Cup at Muirfield Village.

U.S. team captain Fred Couples asked the iconic 18-time major championship winner to be an assistant captain on the American side for the Presidents Cup on Oct. 4-6, 2013. But Nicklaus turned him down.

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Nicklaus plans to be a cordial, uninvolved and unhurried host for the event at the course he designed.

"Freddie paid me a nice compliment by his suggestion," Nicklaus said Tuesday. "It was very thoughtful of him. I would love to, but I simply can't. I have duties as host, so that would not be the right thing to do."

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Couples said he also asked Michael Jordan, the former Chicago Bulls star, to serve as one of his three assistants but rated the possibility of him accepting as remote.

Veteran tour player Jay Haas did accept an offer to be an assistant.

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Nicklaus, a four-time U.S. captain in the Presidents Cup, didn't take Couples seriously when he first broached the idea. But Couples was serious.

"I wasn't joking about it," Couples said. "When we were here (at Muirfield Village) last night, I said `Could I pick him?'. A couple of guys from the Tour said, `Yeah, he would love that.' And then a couple other guys — maybe one pretty high up there — said, `He's hosting the thing, he can't do that.'

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"Then Jack winked at me and said, `But I can be in your team room all you want.'"

Couples was at Muirfield to promote the event a year early. He spent last week as an assistant captain to Davis Love III on the U.S. team at the Ryder Cup at Medinah. The European team came back from a four-point deficit to retain possession of the Cup, 14 1/2 to 13 1/2.

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Air Jordan Spizike Heels

International captain Nick Price announced all three of his Presidents Cup assistants: Shigeki Maruyama, Mark McNulty and Tony Johnstone.

Price and Couples are friends, which led to some good-natured kidding.

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"One thing you've got to be careful with Fred with his laid-backness, he wants to win as much as anybody," Price said. "Even though he looks like he's about to fall asleep on the golf course."

Couples also said he would consider having U.S. Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III as an assistant but didn't want to bother the disappointed Love after the dramatic comeback by the European team.

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Love has said he would prefer to play his way onto the U.S. team.

"I just didn't want to make him think about anything," Couples said. "I tried to get him and he's either sleeping or out practicing. He'll get back to me in the next few days."

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Couples said he would welcome pairing veterans such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Steve Stricker with younger players like Jason Dufner, Bubba Watson or Keegan Bradley.

Of the Ryder Cup collapse, Couples said, "I knew it was going to be close. But I didn't think we wouldn't get one point from someone we needed."

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He added many of the Ryder Cup players — after what he termed a "horrific Sunday" — are not making any plans for the near future.

Dwyane Wade No Longer With Michael Jordan’s Brand

Dwyane Wade, the Miami Heat superstar who grew up in Chicago idolizing Michael Jordan, has parted ways with the Hall of Famer’s Jordan Brand. It is a significant move in the lucrative sneaker world, where all indications are that Wade will link with the Chinese brand Li-Ning.

Wade, who is recovering from knee surgery, confirmed the separation after nine years of wearing Jordans.

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Apparently, Wade has yet to sign a new deal with Li-Ning, although ESPN NY reported that was his destination. For his part, the 6-foot-5 guard who has two championships with Miami was mum on announcing where he is headed.

“I just really can’t comment on my new deal,” Wade said. “I did mutually part ways with the Jordan umbrella, with Jordan and Converse. I had a great nine years, but we have mutually parted ways, and I’m moving on.”

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Wade said he’s “not disappointed” at leaving the Jordan Brand. But he did acknowledge that it was special to work with Jordan, his childhood idol.

“It’s just the time,” Wade said. “We just went our separate ways. But I still feel honored to have represented my favorite player of all time and his brand and the opportunity I was given.”

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Jordan Brand offered little on the shakeup, saying in a release. “We wish Dwyane well as he continues his career.”

Wade’s teammate Shane Battier gave a heads up to, saying, “Welcome Dwyane to the Chinese shoe family. It’s good to have my fellow brother over there.”

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The Chinese company Li-Ning is slowly making its imprint in the NBA shoe game. Battier, although a mid-level profile player, is with the outfit. So is future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics and Evan Turner of the Philadelpia Sixers. Additionally, guard Baron Davis had a Li-Ning shoe named after him.

Tinker Hatfield, the Michael Jordan behind Jordans

When you stand in line for those Jordans, what do you think about? Do you think of the initials MJ, Air Jordan, or maybe the iconic number 23?

With a total of five MVP awards, ten All-NBA First-Team designations, nine All-Defensive First Team honors, fourteen NBA All-Star Game, and three All-Star MVP awards, it’s no wonder he has been able to fuel the success of Nike’s top selling shoe in history.

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“I’m not trying to stunt man”, but with 27 years and counting, I would have to disagree with Kanye about his Yeezy’s “jumping over the Jumpman”.

The statement he made at this years BET awards are even more disrespectful to Tinker Hatfield.

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To sneaker heads, Hatfield is the most high, he is the mastermind and the designer behind almost every Air Jordan and the designer of each shoe Jordan has worn since 1988.

Along with sports icon Jordan, Hatfield was largely instrumental in starting not just a shoe revolution within pop culture, but helping Nike launch an empire.

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The funny thing is that he wasn’t always a designer, in fact is an architect.

Do you really know the man behind the man on your sneaker?

Hatfield, 58, grew up in Halsey, Oregon, where he was an athlete earning a track scholarship to the University of Oregon in 1970.

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He set the school’s pole vault record and finished sixth in the 1976 U.S. Olympic trials. Hatfield’s track coach at Oregon was the legendary Bill Bowerman, who was a co-founder of Nike.

In 1981, Hatfield went to work as the corporate architect of Nike, designing office spaces, showrooms, and stores, unaware that 7 years later he would become the designer of the most iconic sneaker of all-time.

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Hatfield recalls the best part of working for Nike is the “incredible economy scale and the power to change the world.”

He commends those that practice environmentalism, but Nike’s platform allows for such an idea to resonate and hit home affecting a huge demographic, impacting a very wide spectrum of people.

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Beyond the false stories of the Malaysian workers making sneakers for 5 cents, “there is a lot of power in the scale of a company like Nike, a lot of good power.”

When designing for Jordan, Hatfield always gives him a call or visit to talk with him about what’s going on in his life.

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It’s all about being inspired by him.

Designing used to be about how he played the game, now as Hatfield and Jordan continue to design shoes, they have become more about other athletes under the Jordan brand.

Still, there is a reoccurring theme behind Jordans, to “design a really high quality, high performing, sophisticated basketball product that is befitting of Michael himself.”

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This is true of the infamous Jordan XI, which was designed during Jordan’s first retirement when nobody at Nike but Hatfield believed he would return to the game.

So, the next time you stand in line, wear a brand, don’t study for class, or doubt your essential purpose at A&T, remember that education is key and seems to manifest itself even within our fashion choices.

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In addition, educate yourself on what you support.

Ask yourself, “Do I know what the tree on my Timbs represents,” what does the Nautica boat emblem mean,” or “do I really know the man behind the man on my sneaker?” and nike heels.

Haven't we seen that before? Rachel Weisz brings out bandage dress again

Rachel Weisz was certainly going green by wearing this grey Herve Leger bodycon dress for her appearance on hit US TV show Tonight With Jay Leno - it's a dress she recycled from two years ago.

The stunning 40-year-old actress initially wore the skin-tight frock to the 2008 Canadian premiere of her movie The Brothers Bloom.

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But she wore it again for her interview on Friday night with Mr Leno - and he appeared to heartily approve, greeting her with: 'You look terrific! What a great dress!'

herve leger dress

The £1,500 bandage dress and contrasting strappy sandals is clearly a favourite outfit, so Ms Weisz brought it out of mothballs once more - even though some fashionistas wouldn't be seen dead on the red carpet in the same ensemble twice.

Herve Leger Bandage Dresses

But the British beauty, who shot to global fame in The Mummy and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 2005's The Constant Gardener, has a proven interest in saving the planet and presented at the American leg of Live Earth back in 2007.

Herve Leger Dress on sale

Ms Weisz, who starred in both The Lovely Bones and Agora last year, knows what she's doing when it comes to fashion too, being the muse of designer Narciso Rodriguez, so she is clearly sending out a message to her fans that wearing the same outfit more than once is the eco-friendly thing to do, no matter how famous you are.

Mind you, we reckon more stars would give outfits repeat runs on the red carpet if they looked as good as Rachel does.

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The super-toned but still curvy thesp looks incredible in a garment that would be too unforgiving for anyone with an ounce of excess body fat.

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Rachel, who also won the coveted Best Actress Olivier Award for her work in the theatre revival of A Streetcar Named Desire, returns to our screens later this year in The Whistleblower.

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A true story, Ms Weisz stars as Kathryn Bolkovac, an American UN peacekeeper who risks her job and her life to uncover a scandal involving American contractors and the United Nations in postwar Bosnia.

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It also stars Monica Bellucci and Vanessa Redgrave.

London-born star Ms Weisz, who has previously dated Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey, has been with award-winning American film director Darren Aronovfsky, 41, for the past nine years.

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Now engaged, they have a four-year old son Henry Chance and live in Manhattan.

Herve Leger 2012

Mr Aronovsky recently relaunched the career of Mickey Rourke by directing him in the Golden Globe-winning The Wrestler.

Cheap Herve Leger dress

Rachel was voted most marriageable woman in a poll carried out by Esquire magazine earlier this year.

The $1,050 swimsuit that you can't even get wet: Hervé Léger cut-out design is strictly for poolside posing

With signature cut-out sections and punchy colours, Hervé Léger's latest swimsuit design is set to be as popular with fashionistas as its signature bandage dresses.

But water babies beware, as a retailer selling the $1,050 one-piece is recommending that buyers don't let it get wet at which stocks the design, believes the violet and orange design is strictly for poolside posing to

A warning on the company website reads: 'To get the best from your Hervé Léger beachwear we advise you do not wear it in water.'

Despite the caution, it says that the polyester, nylon and spandex design is machine washable for

The daring costume features a plunging V-neck, a halterneck strap and a zip at the back.

A triangle cut-out section over the stomach means wearers will be unable to benefit from the label's famously figure-fixing fabric, exposing any flaws in a less-than-perfectly-toned

The design also invites awkward tan lines, though buyers will have plenty of time to reapply the Factor 50 while they watch their friends

While the fashion industry is not known for its practicality, the Hervé Léger swimsuit is just the latest in a string of bizarre creations for those with more money than sense-for

Last year fashion label Rodarte unveiled a $500 pair of socks that couldn't be washed. And in 2009, footwear favourite Christian Louboutin designed an eight-inch pair of heels that were so high, they could barely be walked in.

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Yesterday we demonstrated a very everyday colors from the nike air max terra ninety. Today, another color made an appearance inside nike air max cb34 a palette that’s certain to receive some attention. What you get with the nike air griffey max 1 for sale is a shoe that has a leather and mesh upper with accents of color great.


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صور عمران
رمزيات وادي الذئاب
اغاني مسلسل وادي الذئاب
اجدد صور وادي الذئاب الجزء السادس
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وادي الذئاب الجزء السابع
نتائج السادس بغداد الكرخ الثالثة
نتائج السادس بغداد الكرخ الثانية
نتائج السادس بغداد الكرخ الاولى
نتائج السادس الادبي بغداد الكرخ الثالثة
نتائج السادس الادبي بغداد الكرخ الثانية
نتائج السادس الادبي بغداد الكرخ الاولى
نتائج السادس الادبي بغداد الرصافة الثالثة
نتائج السادس بغداد الرصافة الثالثة
نتائج السادس بغداد الرصافة الثانية
نتائج السادس الادبي بغداد الرصافة الثانية
نتائج السادس بغداد الرصافة الاولى
نتائج السادس الادبي بغداد الرصافة الاولى
نتائج الثالث المتوسط بغداد الرصافة الثالثة
نتائج الثالث المتوسط بغداد الرصافة الثانية
نتائج الثالث المتوسط بغداد الرصافة الاولى
نتائج الثالث بغداد
نتائج الصف الثالث بغداد
نتائج الثالث بغداد
نتائج البكلوريا بغداد
نتائج السادس الادبي بابل
نتائج السادس الادبي الانبار
نتائج السادس الادبي ديالى
نتائج السادس الادبي صلاح الدين
نتائج السادس الادبي التأميم
نتائج السادس الادبي واسط
نتائج السادس الادبي الموصل2012
نتائج السادس الادبي بغداد
نتائج الثالث متوسط البصرة
نتائج الثالث متوسط ميسان
نتائج الثالث متوسط ذي قار
نتائج الثالث متوسط القادسية
نتائج الثالث متوسط كربلاء
نتائج الثالث متوسط النجف
نتائج الثالث متوسط بابل
نتائج الثالث متوسط الانبار
نتائج الثالث متوسط ديالى
نتائج الثالث متوسط صلاح الدين
نتائج الثالث متوسط التأميم
نتائج الثالث متوسط واسط
نتائج الثالث متوسط الموصل
نتائج السادس القادسية
نتائج السادس كربلاء
نتائج السادس النجف
نتائج السادس بابل
نتائج السادس الانبار
نتائج السادس ديالى
نتائج السادس صلاح الدين
نتائج السادس التأميم
نتائج السادس واسط
نتائج السادس صلاح الدين
نتائج السادس الموصل
نتائج السادس الادبي بغداد
نتائج السادس بغداد
نتائج السادس الادبي البصرة
نتائج السادس الادبي ميسان
نتائج السادس الادبي ذي قار
نتائج السادس الادبي القادسية
نتائج السادس الادبي كربلاء
نتائج السادس الادبي النجف
اغنية مراد
اغنية تركية
وسام الساعدي
لطميات باسم الكربلائي 2012
باسم الكربلائي 2013
لطميات باسم الكربلائي
لطميات سيد صفاء
اغاني محمد السالم
نتائج الصف السادس
نتائج السادس
نتائج السادس الادبي
نتائج السادس
نتائج الثالث متوسط
نتائج الصف الثالث متوسط 2012
نتائج الثالث متوسط 2012
نتائج السادس البصرة
نتائج السادس ميسان
نتائج السادس ذي قار
صور باسم الكربلائي
ون بيس
صور كاظم الساهر
صور عبد الحي
اغاني وطنية عراقية
اغاني اجنبية
صور وادي الذئاب
اغاني تركية
لطميات 2012
افلام اجنبية
افلام اجنبية 2013
افلام عربية
افلام عربية 2013
هيفاء وهبي
نانسي عجرم
حسام الرسام
اغاني وردة البغدادية
الفنان ماجد المهندس
اغاني نصرت البدر
محمد السالم
اغاني عربية 2012
اغاني عربية
اغاني عراقية
اغاني عراقية 2012
اغاني عراقية 2013
احدث الاغاني العراقية
صور رمزية
احمد الساعدي
مهدي العبودي
اغاني اجنبية 2013
اغاني اجنبية
اغاني غزلان
صور مصارعة
دردشة صبايا زيونة
دردشة صبايا زيونة
دردشة صبايا بغداد
دردشة صبايا بغداد
مسلسلات رمضان
صور بنات
منتديات ستار اكاديمى
منتديات اعلاميات العراق
موقع اعلاميات العراق
العاب عراقية
حظك يوم الجمعة
حظك يوم الخميس
حظك يوم الاربعاء
حظك يوم الثلاثاء
حظك يوم الاثنين
حظك يوم الاحد
حظك يوم السبت
برجك يوم الجمعة
برجك يوم الخميس
برجك يوم الاربعاء
برجك يوم الثلاثاء
برجك يوم الاثنين
برجك يوم الاحد
برجك يوم السبت
مسجات عراقية 2013
مسجات موبايل عراقية
اغاني عراقية
اغاني ساريه السواس
دردشة عراقنا
منتديات عراقنا
دردشة عراقية
دردشة عراقنا
منتديات العراق
منتديات العراق
دردشة عراقية
اغاني عراقية
صور تركية
صور اعلاميات العراق
صور ليلى
صور القناص
صور ناروتو
اغاني كاظم الساهر
ابراج اليوم
نغمة مراد
دردشة احساس العراق