Crown Lengthening By Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentists perform many different periodontal procedures to help restore the health and improve the cosmetic appearance of your gum line. Many people have already visited a dentist in the past seeking treatment for a condition that is called a "gummy smile". 

 This condition causes a person's teeth to appear too short when you smile. The problem is not with the person's teeth, however, but rather with the fact that there is simply too much gum tissue covering their surfaces. 

 Perhaps a person's tooth has decayed or broken below the gum line. It may lack sufficient tooth structure for a restoration, such as a crown or bridge. Crown lengthening can help all of these situation by adjusting the amount of gum tissue needed to expose more of the tooth to view.

 In order to make this happen, a cosmetic dentist performs a procedure known that is known as a crown lengthening. The following questions and answers are provided for those of you who have inquired about the nature and  details of this treatment option.

 The first question people ask about crown lengthening is whether or not it involves any real degree of pain. The answer is no. While it is a surgical procedure, it is not a complicated one that involves any real pain to speak of. 

 There will be some minor discomfort after the surgery, but nothing that something like Advil cannot fix. Most patients report a general sense of soreness in the mouth rather than any real sense of pain, per se. 

 There are actually two procedures that are known as "crown lengthening". In the first procedure, gum tissue is cut away under minor anesthetic. This is very simple. The dentist simply trims away excess gum tissue from the front of the teeth. 

 It is so painless that many people <a href="">juicy couture canada</a> especially adolescents, like to watch it being done in a hand-held mirror. That way, they can see their smile literally improve right before their eyes.

 The second type of crown lengthening involves using techniques more common to general dentistry, although there is ultimately a cosmetic purpose here as well. This type of procedure is meant to repair teeth that have been broken down by decay that goes far below gum tissue. 

 A dentists must remove much of the gum tissue using soft tissue lasers in order to expose more of the tooth surfaces. 

 They also have to reshape teeth and bones using dental burs and surgical instruments, although they seldom have to involve bone tissue in this procedure. 

 Cosmetic dentists we are always looking for ways to improve the smile of a person. Obviously, if gums are hiding the teeth for any reason, they cannot ignore the problem this creates. 

 Because this procedure is easy and comfortable, and since it generally offers instant payback in terms of cosmetics, it is recommended for anyone in good, <a href="">juicy couture outlet</a> general health.

 There may be some patients who severe medical problems that cannot have this procedure performed. However, such cases are rare. 

 The best thing to do if you have a gummy smile is visit a dentists office and let a dentists perform a full dental checkup and review of your medical records.


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