PCManX GTK+ 0.3.8 釋出


  • 新增功能:
    • Download BBS article.
    • Firefox 3 (xulrunner 1.9) plugin support.
    • Switch among normal/fullscreen/simple modes.
    • Add a menu item to show/hide main window and a popup menu for tray icon.
    • Add hotkeys for first/last connections.
    • Implement a simple proxy client for SOCKSv4 and SOCKSv5.
    • Auto-login support for external SSH connections.
    • Use GtkStatusIcon instead of deprecated and external EggTrayIcon if gtk+ version >= 2.10.
    • Several
      GNU toolchain tweaks: increasing efficiency layout, reducing
      relocations in the libraries, ld's "--as-needed" + "-Wl,-O1".
  • 錯誤修正:
    • Unusable JumpToPage hotkeys in full-screen mode.
    • Some ASCII art renders incorrectly.
    • Unusable hotkey for "Copy".
    • Missing the last character of each line when copying multi-line contents.
    • SegFault while processing telnet escape sequence "*[1K".
    • Nonpersistent "DetectDBChar" preference.
    • gcc 4.3 and conditional configurations (docklet, mouse, nancy) build failures.

PCManX 官方網站 http://pcmanx.csie.net/

有問題請回報至 http://groups.google.com/group/PCManX


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