KatDC Open Space Forum - 3/27 消費性電子開發技術論壇

Hi everyone,
3/27的消費性電子開發技術論壇 (KatDC Open Space Forum - The power of openness
- what can software do in CE industry),將針對Embedded Database Engine(嵌入式
資料庫引擎)、DirectFB以及Revision Control System (版本控管系統)等目前在消費性
電子產業最中最受注目之議題,分享如何應用Open Source於軟體平台與開發環境上的開
主題:The powers of openness - what can software do in CE industry
時間:2008/3/27 星期四,1:30pm - 4:40pm
地點:星巴克咖啡 重慶門市
* Introduction Embedded Database Engine
* Zen of DirectFB
Relative projects
* Revision Control for Large Scale Software Project
-建立專案 -變更記錄
-專案分支 -合併分支
-版本釋出 -錯誤修正
-建立子專案 -角色扮演
交通資訊:台北市重慶南路一段104號 (捷運西門站3號出口直走約五分鐘)


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Taken aback by
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the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday that upheld the constitutionality of the law, Mr. Romney and Congressional Republicans pledged to intensify their efforts to repeal it, an
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argument that will be a crucial element of the party’s quest to galvanize conservative activists and win control of the White House and the Senate.
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Republicans swiftly sought to turn the court’s reasoning against President Obama, recasting the legislation as a tax increase. Mr. Romney, who as governor of Massachusetts
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signed a similar health care law, was one of the few in his party who did not join in that argument. Instead, he criticized the ruling and called the federal law a job killer
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that inserted the government between patients and their doctors.For Mr. Obama, the Supreme Court victory blunted efforts by his opponents to brand him as a feckless and failed
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leader who invested too much time trying to overhaul the health care system as the economy foundered.In an example of the conservatives’ determined drive against the president
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, the House voted just hours after the Supreme Court decision to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress.
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Still, the health care ruling validated, for now, the president’s gamble in pushing through the most ambitious domestic legislation of his administration, and it energized his re-election campaign at the close of an otherwise frustrating stretch.
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Yet Mr. Obama’s triumph will not necessarily endure in an election that is still expected to be decided on jobs and the economy. The president also faces the challenge of
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trying, once again, to sell the merits of the health care overhaul in the court of public opinion after largely failing to do so the first time around.