【5/22 TOSSUG 心得分享】Gasolin: 讓你的創意馳騁!TurboGears


大家好!經過了爆滿的 OpenMoko 心得分享,下個禮拜二我們
要回到正常的三週一次的 Tossug 心得分享時程。

這兩年來最流行的網站開發系統就是 Ruby on Rails 了吧?
但 RoR 真的打遍天下無敵手嗎?有沒有堪與匹敵、甚至互有

2007 年的第六場將由 Gasolin 向大家介紹 TurboGears 這套
python 語言的網站開發系統。python 最著名的能力就是
\"glue code\" 和 \"multi-paradigm programming\",適合把
簡單!python 的內建和外掛模組隨你用,mesh up 超容易!
想玩 AJAX?當然也沒問題!

講者 Gasolin 是 TurboGears 的 contributors 之一,也是多個
TurboGears extensions 如 tgcrud、easyplot 的作者,歡迎
限額四十名,趕快去 http://wiki.tossug.org/SignUp 報名喔!

為了有最安靜的心得分享空間,請儘量在 6:00pm 到場找位子用餐,讓魯米爺

時間:  2007/5/22 星期二,分享時間 7:00pm - 9:00pm,聊天時間到打烊為止。
主題:  讓你的創意馳騁!TurboGears
分享人: Gasolin
地點:  Cafe Lumiere( http://wiki.tossug.org/CafeLumiere
有免費的無線上網,請別把 notebook 忘在家裡。
* TurboGears 簡介: pythonic、套件抽換性、彈性、擴展性
* Model-View-Controller 架構
* 網站的運作: business logic
* 存取靜態檔案
* 製作資料庫網站
* 表單物件的產生與表單內容的檢驗
* 以視覺化的模板系統來編輯動態網站的外觀
* 用 AJAX 製作新一代的網頁應用
* Q & A


URL: http://wiki.tossug.org/Talk


After the packed OpenMoko talk, we\'re back to the ordinary
schedule for talks.

The most popular web rapid development system in the last
couple of years is certainly Ruby on Rails. But is RoR really
the best of the best? Aren\'t there other systems that can
compete, or even excel in some aspects? You bet! And there
are more than one such systems.

The 6th talk of 2007 will be given by Gasolin on TurboGears,
a rapid web development framework written in python. The most
famous features of python is \"glue code\" and \"multi-paradigm
programming\". You can easily combine various components to
form your application. Python excels in data mesh-up which
is an important aspect of web 2.0 development. If you want
to learn to develop a web site rapidly, don\'t miss this talk!

Time: 7:00pm May 22 (Tue)
Place: Cafe Lumiere (http://wiki.tossug.org/CafeLumiere)
Free wireless access is available.
Topic: Web dreams come true - TurboGears
Speaker: Gasolin
Gasolin is a TurboGears contributor and author of
several TurboGears extensions like tgcrud and easyplot.
* Introduction to TurboGears: pythonic, replaceable modules,
flexibility, extensibility.
* Model-View-Controller architecture
* The operation of a web site: the business logic
* Having access to static files
* Making a web site with databases
* Generation of form objects and validation of contents of forms
* Editing the view of a dynamic web site with visual templates
* Create a new generation web application with AJAX
* Q & A

好食ㄟ塗虱喔 Hojia@tossug.org



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